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Choosing a nutrition expert


Hello, I’m Dr Stephanie Fade Dietitian, lover of food, science and health and founder of Eating Mindset. Choosing a nutrition expert can be confusing and it’s important to find someone whose expertise you can trust, who can also help you think in a fresh way about your unique challenges.

My qualifications


I have a degree in Nutrition with First Class Honours, a postgraduate diploma in Dietetics and a PhD. As a Dietitian my work is regulated under UK law by the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC.) No one can call themselves a Dietitian unless they have completed a degree or postgraduate qualification in Dietetics that has been approved by the HCPC. To stay registered with the HCPC I have to be able to demonstrate that I continue to meet the standards they set throughout my career. I use the title Dr because I have a PhD. This means that I have demonstrated expertise in assessing the quality and value of other people’s research and in designing, conducting and presenting my own research. I use these skills to make sense of the science behind the nutrition headlines and bust myths about diet and health. This is crucial in a popular field like nutrition where sensational claims are made almost every week. Take a look at my blog posts in the “Bite-sized science” section under the myth-busting tab for some examples. I try to present the science bit in a way that is honest, engaging and straightforward for everyone to understand. You can check my registration by clicking on the link below:


My experience

Of course we learn from life as much as from formal study and I have had the privilege of learning from clients and colleagues in clinical, management and healthcare education roles in the NHS and from my healthcare consultancy work and private practice. I have also learnt a huge amount from being a mum, especially as I have 2 children who have additional needs that mean it’s more tricky for them to achieve a balanced and healthy diet. It’s a pleasure to support other parents in their labour of love to help their children achieve a healthy diet.

All this means that you can be assured that I maintain expertise about how our bodies and minds work in relation to the food and drink we consume and that I can apply this knowledge to the practical challenges you face.

What I do

If you are interested in finding a Dietitian or Children’s Dietitian to work with you or your family then I can help you choose the right mix of food and drink to support your health or your family’s health and manage any medical conditions you or your loved ones might have.

If you are looking for a Dietitian to work with your organisation I can help ensure that your staff have access to accurate information about food and health and support you to discover innovative ideas to improve the wellbeing of your staff.