Positive nutrition in schools

Eating Mindset for schools

Would you love to discover innovative initiatives to support positive nutrition for your school community? Science shows us that good nutrition helps us fight common infections, sleep, work and focus better, maintain energy levels, build strength, reduce our risk of injury, maintain a healthy weight and reduce our chances of ill health. Equally important is the fact that eating is an enjoyable social activity. Food is central to festivities and celebrations. Involvement in preparing food and eating with friends and family strengthens relationships, grows community and helps boost our mental health. An inclusive positive nutrition strategy must also support the needs of those struggling with eating and body image distress or eating disorders.

Inclusive nutrition strategy across school communities


All schools programmes are bespoke. However the plan below shows how I have used my expertise in collaboration with whole school communities to develop powerful recommendations for change.

  1. Evaluate the school environment and its capacity to support the school community to make positive nutrition choices promoting health, wellbeing and sustainability.
  2. Report my findings making a compelling case for action in relation to evidence from the fields of nutrition, education and behaviour change.
  3. Link proposed actions with your school’s ethos.
  4. Lead and facilitate an event where the school community can generate, grow and test ideas for practical, feasible initiatives with the potential to deliver real change.
  5. Present these co-created initiatives in the form of a road-map. Set out recommendations that build on your strengths and address areas of opportunity showing clearly how these are aligned with your school ethos.