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Eating Mindset helps people understand how their ideas and attitudes about food and nutrition shape the way they eat and enables them to embrace food as a positive, enjoyable and nourishing part of their lives. Delivered by experienced Dietitian, Dr Stephanie Fade, PhD the approach can be used to help individuals and their families to eat more healthily and manage any diet related medical conditions they might have and to enable organisations to support their staff to make positive choices about food. Check out my credentials here


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Enjoying food and making positive choices about what we eat, drink and feed our families and friends is at the core of a healthy, fulfilling and productive life. I founded Eating Mindset because I am passionate about empowering people to make positive choices about what they eat and drink. Eating Mindset will help you discover “fresh thinking for eating” to suit your unique lifestyle and health needs. I hope you enjoy exploring the website, dipping into the resources and finding out more about me and the Eating Mindset services.


Dr Stephanie Fade PhD Dietitian

For more information please email enquiries@eatingmindset.com, use the enquiry form above, or call 07768171771


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